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        Media Manipulation



The need to make your next presentation better than the last has never been grater, using PowerPoint's templates just want do any more. JDA are now able to advise you on cross platform delivery of your audio visual needs.

We can offer acquisition of analogue video and digital media from an external source and then package it up in a deliverable format for presentation, webcasts, emails or inclusion onto a interactive format such as CD-ROM or DVD.

Computer video media can also be converted to other formats or scanline-converted to tape for a more conventional delivery.



Audio can be striped from video and converted for distribution as a computer based format or standard audio CD.



With the plethora of different image formats and then flavours of formats the chances are you have been sent a dot something image in the past and have not been able to open it, conversion from scalable to bitmap, taking a file that's to big to email or even 2D to 3D we've got it covered.