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        Company IT Health Check


Your IT investments are only as good as your companies efficiency to use them, JDA offers services to identify, troubleshoot and address problems until they are rectified. We monitor all aspects of your applications to make sure they are running at their optimal performance.

Keeping tabs on your IT architecture makes for good business sence, we recommend health checkups are performed regularly and on every aspect of your system, not just the ones that could be most at risk or are not functioning as they should.

Monitors and safeguards can be put in place to ensure that your IT platform gives you and your clients a floorless service. 


        Data Recovery

Vital data loss is an ongoing realisation faced by every business large or small. The backing up of company data can be like a new years resolution, you always start of with the best intension but data loss is something that happens to other people, that's why we at JDA are part of the Ontrack Partner Programme which puts some of the best data retrieval tools at our disposal, stacking the odds in your favour of getting back your company data.



Remote  Data  Recovery - Mission  critical  data loss? This patented service is the fastest method to recovering from mission critical data loss. In a matter of hours, a Remote Data Recovery engineer can retrieve your  inaccessible  data  through  a  modem or  Internet connection, even if your system can't boot! Inlab DataRecovery
 - Our 7 labs worldwide are equipped with the most advanced technology   available.   Depending   on  the  service   level
selected  recoveries   can  be   turned  around  in as  little
 as 24 hours.